Neighborhood Health oxford project

Neighborhood Health Oxford project

A healthier future for southeast Fort Wayne

Neighborhood Health Oxford project

For more than 50 years, Neighborhood Health has been the leading community health center in the region. Over the years, we have expanded both in our services and locations to help bring health equity to our community.

With a myriad of health concerns, including high rates of hypertension, diabetes, and infant mortality it is time to address the healthcare crisis in southeast Fort Wayne.

Neighborhood Health is expanding services to our newly acquired Ward building in the heart of the Oxford community to help address these continued needs.

make an impact

This project is a communal effort and as such we need everyone’s support to make it a success. If you are interested in investing in this project and its incredible impact on southeast Fort Wayne, please consider making a donation.

Join the current supporters of the Oxford Project!

Neighborhood Health is grateful for community support that has already rallied around this mission to better serve southeast Fort Wayne.

Join us in this project by donating today!

The new facility will offer:

  • Primary services available to all
    On-site family practice, pediatrics, family planning, prenatal, and more
  • Prenatal Focus
    A full prenatal provider team
  • Accessibility
    Convenient location, access to public transportation, and extended hours
  • Community Center
    An 1,800-square-foot community center open to the public
  • WIC Wraparound Support
    Pre- and post-natal nutrition and breastfeeding support
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